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what is a smart home
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What is a smart home?

A Smart Home Is About Connectivity

When we went from “dumb” cell phones to smartphones, we made a major leap in connectivity. From just being able to call and text, smartphone allowed us to connect to the Internet, send e-mail and instant messages, download files, and

all number of other things that require connectivity (though there are plenty of ways to use your smartphone without a signal, too). You can think of a smart home in a similar way.

What sets a smart home apart from other homes is that the appliances and devices throughout the house are

connected and controlled from a central device. Climate control, lights, appliances, locks, and different types of

cameras and monitors can all be added to a smart home system and controlled from anywhere in the house or, often from afar.


What is the benifit of smart home?

Convenient: Having a smart home lets you do a lot of the things that you’d normally do — like adjusting the air

conditioning, turning off the lights, pre-heating the oven, lending a key to your neighbor — with a lot less effort.

You can set schedules for your appliances, so that certain things will happen at specific times of day, and some

appliances will even learn your schedule and activities so that the amount of effort you have to put toward

managing your home is drastically reduced.

Efficiency: the ANJUBANG Smart home system learns how you like to have your house heated and cooled

and adjusts the temperatur. It also goes into “away”mode when you leave the house, further reducing your

heating and cooling bills. The ANJUBANG smart home system also learns from the actions that you take

and makes suggestions on how to use your smart appliances and devices more efficiently.



Wanna live a convenient comfortable life? Wanna live an enjoyable artist life?

Image have the lights on and changing color anytime anywhere,

have the curtain auto open or close with your smartphone.

ANJUBANG--bring you the smart home, comfortable life. Enjoy controlling home appliances on your smartphone anytime anywhere!


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