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Anjubang Smart door lock

    1. Size: 335mm * 75mm * 30mm;

    2. Power supply: 4 AA batteries, can guarantee the normal unlock 10,000 times;

    3. Fingerprint head: a new type of photoelectric structure, wet and wet fingers easy to identify technology;

    4. Display: 12884LED display;

    5. Life: unlock more than 200,000 times;

    6. Temperature: Operating temperature range: -40 degrees to +60 degrees;

    7. unlock mode: fingerprint, password, credit card, mechanical unlock;

    8. Mechanical key: the system unexpected failure to provide mechanical key unlock;

    9. Storage capacity: fingerprint: 200, password 200 groups, card and remote control 200;

    10: Fingerprint recognition: 1: N<1 second

    11: power exhaustion: external USB emergency power supply

    Anjubang Smart door lock

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